Simona Levi, The Cattle of the Golan


Dr. Zvika Israel

Vast expanses of the Golan and the Galilee, etched in fluctuating textures and colors, characterize the background scenes in Simona Levi's creative works. Cattle wander freely in groups or sometimes alone, populating the extensive pastures and hills, and serving as a central theme for her compositions. Their positioning in these works within the open landscape reflects Levi's emotions and thoughts, acting as a metaphor for personal and social issues. According to the artist, the creative process and the time that it absorbs constitute a special experience, during which she enjoys feeling the sense of space through her brush, gliding with it over the canvas in free dynamic strokes, creatively traversing from realistic depiction, to a semi-abstract world.

Her strong feelings, influenced by emotive associations, sometimes personal and sometimes social are given vivid expression in her painting, in her choice of areas and their division, in the positioning of the cattle in different movements and locations, in her choice of colors and textures assisting her to deliver her comprehensive message. These images are employed to indicate values such as 'the victim' – the 'taking of life' and conversely the 'giving of life' – the 'free human spirit', symbolizing the return of a people to its land and the recovery of its spiritual heritage.

Simona is an artist and teacher of art and computerized animation in Tzfat, where she built her house and family and where she produces her artistic work. She is a member of the Haifa and Northern Region Sculptors and Artists Association and her works have appeared in several one-man and group exhibitions.

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