Nitza Degan: Female Dance

Curator: Dr. Zvika Israel

The female landscape and women of all types have inspired many creative works, paintings and sculptures through many different epochs and this is still so in the modern era. In the past these works were associated with culture and traditions while in the modern era, in which critical consideration of society has become so conspicuous, different issues of identity, commentary, immortalization and criticism have occupied creative artists.

A wide range of creativity by women artists can be seen from the 1970s onwards. In those radical days, many women entered the circle of artistic activity. Nitza Degan paints the female image and groups of fleshy women, expressing her personal impressions of her very many encounters with her women friends and various other life situations. This is a dialog between the universal and local, in affinity with other creative artists of the modern era such as Cezanne and Matisse, a dialog between the past and present.

Nitza sometimes creates her women in a realistic classic style with a tendency to abstraction. Her work faithfully records the location and atmosphere. Sometimes her work is almost completely abstract, a sparse abstraction without any superfluous details, substituting an abundance of color instead of detail, aspiring to express conceptual symbols and images. This is a very personal expression of aesthetic aspects of the woman and her world.

In this manner the artist creates her images of ample women, describing them as they work and move in a series of activities and tasks: as a peddler in the market or dancing with friends. Her scenes of black women dancing, radiant with countless colors, provide the observer with a sense of enchanting movement.

These works could be considered through a feminist lens but I believe that the artist acted out of simple love for the subject of her work and the extremely aesthetic result speaks for itself.

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