Poetic and Personal: The work of Israel Tabakov

by Dr. Zvika Israel

Every creative artist, develops over the years exploring different areas of activity and additional styles such as landscapes, drawing from models and individual portraiture.

Israel Tabakov has dealt with all these approaches and others. In this supplement we have chosen to display a selection of his paintings of nude models. The paintings created in his personal studio expose additional details in the background with supplementary details concerning location and time.

Using a realistic technique, Tabakov presents the observer with a composition that reveals the ambience of his workshop. His unique graphic strategy, placement of the color and way of expression give his work a poetic and personal dimension. In shades of white and grey with a flickered texture and variegated colors, the artist produces a sense of the model, the location and the human spirit.

In 1984, Israel Tabakov was awarded the Haifa Municipality's Hermann Struck prize. The judges' reasons: the prize is awarded to the artist Israel Tabakov for his creative work, for his outstandingly original, clear and sensitive statement, and also for the universal message that his work transmits to the observer.

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