The paper-cuts of the artist Shoshana Neuman are interesting examples of the continuity of the tradition of paper-cutting work, prevalent among the Jews of Eastern Europe until the Second World War.

She derives the foundation for her work from this Eastern European tradition and her compositions quite clearly relate to the religious artefacts of Polish Jewry; for example the ‘Hannukiah’ candelabra and also the ‘Menorah’. Parallel with the Eastern European influence, Shoshana Neuman’s ornaments are influenced by the Israeli environment, using a broad and rich range of colors.

Although these motifs form the starting point for her works, she later develops them through her creative skills and attains her own unique style.

Shoshan Neuman’s works testify to a striking and clear blend of traditional Jewish art and the artist’s own creative abilities.

Olga Goldberg Ph. D.

Professor of Ethnology

The Hebrew University of Jeusalem

Jewish Folklore Unit



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