Grown in Haifa (Israel). Since youth walking, treking, exploring the environment and paitning. Studyed biology and worked on fish-breeding research while painting took always a considered role. Since retiring painting has become main occupation, including a significant number of group and solo exhibitions, and joining the Israel Painters & Sculptors Association.

Work is based on observations of surrounding visually appealing compositions like a certain view from a particularly interesting angle, fascinating light-shadow interactions resulting from unique combinations of sunlight and cloud or prosaic still-life items with intriguing changes resulting from corrosive processes. The composition as-is is applyed to paper or canvas, emphasizing the visually interesting aspects from the point of view of shape, colour or texture.

In the course of time the areas that have engaged painting attention have expanded from Still Lifes and view from home, towards Cityscapes of Haifa with The Stairs. Further - Landscapes of Mount Carmel and the Galilee with its ancient olive trees, Desert Landscapes, and lastly – reflections.

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