Eitan Arnon: A Mosaic of Memories

Dr. Zvika Israel

Eitan Arnon conveys scenes from the past, describing pioneering times, documenting struggles for survival, relating to the earth, construction and settlement on the land. A realistic approach is used to achieve a mosaic of memories.

Arnon’s monochrome works employ shades of brown, a sort of celebration of the brown earth, the houses are brown, the furrows are brown and even the tilling farmer is depicted in faded antique sepia brown. These tones contrast with the optimistic celestial blues represent contemporary art. They appear to conduct a dialog with the antique photograph where a single tone overcomes them. Technically this is the past as seen through the box camera lens, displaying the good and plentiful Land of Israel.

Arnon’s work composes a collage or assemblage like a mosaic, combining several figurative works, so that the result is a sort of documentation of a flow of events, situations that have become symbolic of the old Jewish pioneer settlements, perhaps a yearning for those times and perhaps also a statement.

Oil color and acrylics create an illusion of layers in order to create an effect of perspective and feelings of depth and space.

The artist has consolidated his work in series, reacting one with the other, with intermittent concrete consideration of the here and now. This is the poetic realism of an experienced artist who simultaneously fondly remembers the past and looks forward to the future.

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