Dr. Zvika Israel


Ruth Zucker employs different printing approaches, such as collography and etching. Her monochrome works are mainly black and white, sometimes including tones such as ochre or other yellows. Her subjects tend to be abstractions of her personal experience. For example works which resemble a forested copse, where different rectangular shapes constitute an abstract visual representation of the tree trunks. These works seem to suggest consideration of socio-ecological issues as a covert message to preserve nature and the environment, a modernist ideology striving to create a better reality.

Other fundamental elements that form this abstract work include: color, texture and form and the interaction between them. These elements are cleverly used to create an intimation of movement and contrast, black faced with white and the contrast between thin and thick. The simple aesthetic design of these works belies the underlying complex critical social thinking.

Printing is a conservative yet personal approach, similar to sketching; a series of numbered works can be produced with relative ease, distributing the message and statement to many people. Ruth is obviously an experienced mature artist who knows well how to deliver her message aesthetically to her admiring public.

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