The Fourth International Festival in Honor of Women
 March 1 - March 31, 2004

This annual event continues the presentation of women and their contribution to society, culture and art. This fourth festival was designed to serve as a "test" to focus on the interaction between two countries, Austria and Israel. The festival was produced by ICU (International Cultural Union - R.A.).



HAIFA: Castra Art Center, Chagall House& the "Hottentot" Gallery
JERUSALEM:Gerard Bechar Center
TEL AVIV: Bible Museum
ACCO: Acco Auditorium
CARMEL: Daliat el Carmel Cultural Center



The Ministry of Culture of Israel, Haifa Municipality, Austrian Cultural Forum-Tel Aviv, the Austrian Embassy in Israel, "IntAkt" Austrian women's organization, Castra Art Center in Haifa, Carmel Municipality, the Bible Museum in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Municipality, the Gerard Bechar Cultural Center in Jerusalem, "Ediot Haifa" newspaper, "WIZO" Israeli women's organization, "Bnei Brith", "Organization for the promotion of foreign society and family connections" (Druze women's organization), Acco Auditorium, "Hottentot" Galleries, the Travelnet Company (Internet Support), the Israeli Artists and Sculptors Association of the North District and Haifa


Austria and Israel


Lotte Hendrich / Austria Dr Marim Kuzikaro / Israel
Dr. Paul Leibovich / Israel
Yael Noivirt / Israel
Iosefa Azrad / Israel
Shula Bloch / Israel
Hana Barak-Engel / Israel

The Bible Museum, Tel-Aviv

Art and Sport Center, Carmel

The Castra Art Center, Haifa

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