The Seventh International Festival in Honor of Women
 March 2007

Artists: Zamira Hindes-Wartenberg, Daniela Rubinstein and Haya Lavon
In co-operation with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
the Israeli Embassy in Vienna,
the Austrian Honorary Consul in Israel
and with the sponsorship of
the Ofer Brothers Shipping Company of Israel.

October 9 - October 24, 2006

"Der Kunstraum" Gallery
Vienna, Austria

Since the opening of our gallery we have been working with artists from central and east Europe. To have a dialog going on with other countries is a part of our program. In our last exhibition we were able unite artists from Lithuania, Georgia, Hungary, Austria and Italy. I am especially happy that we will now, and for the first time, be able to bring an exclusive exhibition of Israeli artists to Austria. This way our public will get a first chance to get to know Israel from another side - and that is, from its best side. This current exhibition in der Kunstraum will hopefully give an impulse to further intensify the dialog with Israel on the cultural level.

Curator: Mag Hubert Thurnhofer, President IG Galerien / Austria


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