Artist: Racheli Palevich, Israel
December,20,2012 - January, 10, 2013
Picasso gallery
Castra Art Center
Haifa, Israel


"Indeed, I am like water.
Flowing between the clods, in their black.
Years pass in dark, uncompromised, certainty
To the places that allow me to rise"


When I face a vacant space of a white canvas, a new place is born, a place that allow me to rise.

I build different contexts – sometimes parallel, sometimes overlapping, and try to observe relationships and affinities that appear on the canvas.

During the creative procedure I seek my personal figures and find them moving and rising from within the sceneries, like they were there to begin with.

Combining the passion for color and line, and muster them; and enabling a spontaneous action of independent realization of human figures, beget my work stage after stage, in an unexpected process and yet exiting and authentic.


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