Artist: Guram Dolndzhashvili, Georgia

in cooperation with Raffianart, Singapor
 Aprilr,4,2013 - April, 25, 2013
Picasso gallery
Castra Art Center
Haifa, Israel


Masterly skills of pencil drawings and etchings Kutaisi nominated artist Guram Dolndzhashvili the ranks of the best graphics of the last twenty years. His works are in major museums, galleries and private collections in Georgia, Russia, as well as Europe and America.
All Guram depicts a sheet of paper, could be called fantastic realism. Fog, moonlight, clouds, snow drifts, overgrown forest or the most simple things of rural life become under his hand in a special poetic substance. But no matter how we dissolved into its mysterious landscapes, it is worth remembering, a hundred in front of us is not heaven and earth in general, but very specific and your favorite country artist - Imereti (Western Georgia).



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