Israeli group exhibiting artists
 in co-operation and with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israeli Embassy in UK
 June 25 – Julyl 8, 2013
The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK

Curators: Tessa Yee/UK Sophiya Gugelev/Israel


The Brick Lane Gallery is looking forward to hosting a second exhibition from the International Cultural Union (ICU) this June/July. After a successful collaboration in 2012, ICU will now bring the exhibition 'Abstract Mind' to London, and feature the works of a group of Israeli artists in our East London based Art Gallery. The Brick Lane Gallery is happy to support ICU’s aims of connecting with, and forging ties between, different cultural communities and arts organisations around the world. As a contemporary art gallery which welcomes artists from around the world working across a range of styles and mediums, The Brick Lane Gallery is happy to present another exhibition of Israeli artists, which we hope will reinforce the cultural relationships between our countries and organisations.

Kind Regards,

Tessa Yee
Gallery Manager


There are many ways to explore the world outside our window, one of it was and stays – the art. We can see the world in different ways and glasses: sometimes there are black and sometimes it’s Avant-Garde.

Art is the one of the finest way of communication and an Avant-Garde Art is one of the most interesting.  For more than 100 years Avant-Garde Art continues to push the boundaries of what is normal. New aesthetics emerged and many artists found new and unique way to express the visible world in complicated and sometimes strange ways.

So what makes every Avant-Garde exhibition so fascinating? Art is the main reason for the artist to live and breathe and the world that outside is an unaccomplished air for the inspiration. It’s the timeless reconfiguring of the visible world on canvas and paper in so many unimaginable ways.

The Israeli Artists we’ll exhibit share their own vision of the world around us. We hope it will fill your heart with inspiration, hope and joy.

Sophiya Gugelev, Curator, London  2013.


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